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The Worm Quartet Livejournal Thingy

A hopefully-updated place for info about Shoebox and the Worm Quartet

19 February
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Shoebox, the sole member of the stupidly-named comedy synth-punk band known as "Worm Quartet," is a tall, long-haired, goofy-looking weirdo who is under court order to stay away from chickens. When he's not concocting songs about limbless drummers, evil ex-girlfriends, yak aquariums, and the Amish, he poses by day as a mild-mannered Software Engineer. He is responsible for the First Church of Pac-Man, the semi-defunct Poorly-Drawn Lamp Page, the syndicated PartiallyClips comic (since 2010) and that weird taste you get when you drink coffee right after brushing your teeth. He's married to a beautiful and wonderful woman who attacks condiments and hisses at highway traffic, and has a son whose cuteness induces an involuntary "Awwwww!" from any person or appliance within 5 miles of his terrifyingly adorable visage. Shoebox no longer has a mullet, and is no longer 300 pounds. He apologizes for any inconvenience.
"weird al" yankovic, 12:34, 27, 42, alice cooper, all, anthrax, apathy, artificial sweeteners, atari, atom and his package, bad religion, barnacles, battery-powered carrots, beach boys, biting things, brian michael bendis, brian wilson, c++, chaos, chickens, coffee, coffee crisp, coffee inc., common rider, croutons, cumberbuns, daredevil, day of the tentacle, dayglo abortions, dead kennedys, dee dee ramone, dementia, deodorant, descendents, diapers, dimmu borgir, dinosaur barbeque, douglas adams, dr. demento, elliot smith, eric coleman, erotic bait, faith no more, fruit snacks, fugazi, gamma ray, general tso's chicken, george carlin, hammmock-swallowing, hardcore, helloween, hot waffles, industrial, invader zim, james cagney, jello biafra, jim steinman, juno reactor, kevin smith, kicking tony danza, killswitch engage, kmfdm, laughing at the amish, lewis black, lint, m.o.d., meat loaf, metal, minor threat, molesting furniture, monacles, moxy fruvous, mr. do, mr. whipple, mucas, nick hornby, nipples, nofx, nostrils, office space, operation ivy, orson scott card, pac-man, patton oswalt, peter david, plan 607, pop-tarts, positive attitude, powers, punk, quentin tarrantino, ramones, rancid, raspberry vinaigrette dressing, raymond and scum, red hot chili peppers, ric ocasek, rochester, s.o.d., samuel jackson, sandy duncan's eye, screeching weasel, sean cullen, sega dreamcast, sega master system, software engineering, spackle, spatulas, spider-man, steven wright, stratovarius, sudden death, syracuse, tesco vee, the beach boys, the cars, the freeze, the great luke ski, the meatmen, the ramones, they might be giants, tom smith, tony goldmark, urinal cakes, vectrex, vestibules, waffle house, weasel secretions, weenbags, weird al yankovic, wheat, wilco, worm quartet